Prepaid Plans

Prepaid cell phone plans have become very popular, especially among college-age people. One reason for this is prepaid customers are not required to submit a credit check nor must they sign a contract. Instead of paying a steady bill each month for a set number of minutes, prepaid users simply buy refill cards, which are easier and sometimes less expensive.

Here are some friendly things to look at when choosing a prepaid plan:

  • Check to see if the provider charges a flat rate for all minutes used and for all text messages sent and received.
  • Check to see if when purchasing refill cards does it matter whether you add only $10 to your account or $100. Some carriers give you different rates on your minutes based on how much you refill your phone service for.

Prepaid plans work best for college students who do not talk very often, or perhaps, those who may already have a land line phone and just want to be able to be contacted when out and about.