International Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

This page will be looking at the pros and cons of international prepaid cell phone plans.  It will also look at the differences between regular international cell phone plans and international prepaid cell phone plans.

After looking into a number of companies I have only noticed 2 major differences between domestic North American companies and International companies. First is the type of phones that you can use while you are using a pre-paid service. You as a customer have two options use a generic prepaid phone or you can use a unlocked phone that works on the cell towers in the areas you are going to in. Trying to make sure you have a phone that uses a SIM card.

Second are some of the cons involved in short-term international prepaid cell phone plans. First con is the extremely high price of roaming charges. The second con is rental fees for renting a phone are very high.

Third are the pros of international prepaid cell phone plans. The best thing about them are the comfort of knowing that your service is prepaid so you don’t have to concern yourself with going over minutes. When your prepaid money is used that ends your service untilyou put more money on the phone.