International Cell Phones

This page is very specific in nature.  We will be looking at a few of the phones offered by different companies in the way of being total international cell phones. The hardest thing about trying to find something like this is to know what is going to be compatible.

If you currently have a CDMA phone than it will not work overseas if they use the GSM coverage. Most European, Asian, and African cell phones are going to have to be connected to the GSM networks because that is what is offered in that area. However, it is possible to get your hands on a plan and phone that works on multiple frequencies.


AT&T is one of the few companies that has the capabilities of having not only cell phones ussage in North America but most of the world. AT&T has coverage throughtout Europe, Asia, South America and parts of the Middle East.  The phones that they offer are limited not only in features but also in looks and functionality.  This is something that is changing however never the less if you are wanting a international cell phone from AT&T it will be basic.


While Verizon does not carry a lot of GSM cell phones they do offer a great many hybrid phones that can be used by people who are traveling abroad. Just make sure that when you move or travel overseas that you are going to be able to most the most use of the phone that you have.