International Cell Phone Plans

When looking at international cell phone plans you have to look at more than just company you also have to consider world location and International features. When it comes to the company that you choose don’t simply rely on word of mouth from friends and family. Go to the internet and research the company that you are looking at. North American companies like AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon offer international cell phone plans as well as features outside the U.S. However keep in mind that when looking the country you are going to might have a local cell phone company like Telestial and Cellular Abroad.

There are features that are very important when looking into international cell phone plans such as the kidnapped feature. This is a feature that works like GPS except it also works when to phone is off. Some other features are also offered exclusively from the specific company.

Now, what I feel is the most important section of this reading world location. This section is going to hit two main things to think about when looking at international cell phone plans. First is to ask yourself what country are you going to be in? This is a very relevent question because if your cell phone doesn’t perform within the cell phone bands set up within that country your cell phone has just turned into a expensive paper weight. In North American and most of South America cell phone bands run from 1900MHz + 850MHz. In Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa cell phone bands run from 1800MHz + 900MHz. Japan is the only place in the world that covers 1900MHz – 850MHz. To find out weather or not your phone will work in these areas of the world all you have to do is go to your local retailer and they can inform you or you can get a cell phone that has built in international mode. The second thing to ask yourself is how long will I be within the coutry? The reason for this question is that some complanies offer what is called a short-term usage plan.