Best Cell Phone Plans For College Students

When it comes to being a college student these days their not made of money. So it is even more important to be money conscience when it comes to the cell phone plans that you choose. As a student there are two pieces of technology that are critical to their everyday lives they are their computers and their cell phones.

College students often have so many expenses and decisions to make that other needs get pushed aside. Although this is the age when most young adults venture out on their own, away from family and friends, they still need to keep in touch. To keep in contact affordably, here are a few different types of cell phone options.

Post-paid Plans

Traditional post-paid cell phone plans are the most common type and have been around the longest. For college students, however, this type of plan can be a financial setback, as most new customers (especially younger college students with little or no credit history) are required to pay a $50 to $150 deposit in addition to a set-up fee and the cost of a cell phone at the time of purchase. In addition, a one- or two-year contract must be signed when a post-paid plan is set up, which can lead to an extra fees.

With that said, the monthly prices of the plans are the greatest value in terms of per-minute cost, with many cell providers offering plans as low as $40 per month. Post-paid plans also have the most flexibility, as far as what extra features can be added, such as unlimited text-messaging, internet, and even mobile entertainment.